Sunday, September 20, 2009


They're here!!! The Monach Butterflies have arrived! Once I started to see a Monarch I ran to the backyard to see if the Butterfly weed has its host, and the answer is yes!
The Manarch's love the Butterfly weed. Now only if I could get all butterfly's to use the plant of my choice to eat, we would all be happy!

A really small one to the left here. There is another really little one, but it did not show in the picture.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My three day trip...ahhhh

OK.... Now you have seen where I spent much of my mornings... out on the porch swing, listening to the wild life and waiting for the stray dear grazing near by.

Below is the inside of the cabin. The new owners will be updating the cabins, I think they were last decorated in the 80's. It really doesn't matter it was cozy!

The Kitchen....

The living room...looking out the
front window to the porch.

The living room.

White River

Monday, May 25, 2009

Desperate times, desperate measures!!

Well it was a sad weekend at Sunriseinsachse.... The blue herron crane came for another visit!!!

Just when my gold fish were comfortable enough to come up and eat...and I just got a catfish and 2 perch from a friend!!

What do I have after having 4 goldfish, 2 black and white koi, 2 perch, 1 one cat fist???? All I can say for sure right now is that my pond is terribly quiet. I have seen 2 fleeting gold fish. everything they do right now is in fast mode. Can you blame them?? Anyhow, I went to the Home depot and got some bird netting and found these neat plant poles and had an idea. I did not want to have to net the pond, but the fishing line that I had circled around the pond and crisscrossed the pond apparently did not work. I just can't believe that bird got my fish!

So you really can't see it too much. I found these plant supports and got the netting and with those small poles, I was able to net the pond and keep it off the water. the net does go down the edges but not all the way. I think the frogs can still get in. No matter what I have to save the fish I have left.
Right now the fish will not come up, but after a few days with no "special" visitor I am sure they will come back up to see me. The pond is soooo quiet! I will probably need to re-populate soon, its depressing to see the water stay so still. I still have hope that my koi are hiding in there somewhere. :-(

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Animal talk

Ok today is animal day.... I start first with my lazy little girl.
She loves to sit out and taunt the momma bird that has laid her 2 eggs in the pot on the house...this is the 3rd year she has come and laid her eggs.

So I got a sneak peek at the babies, so here below are the 2 eggs, can't wait to see the hatch and then watch them grow and wonder how on earth those babies stay on the nest.

We went down to the pond today and saw the ducklings with their mom. We just found out the babies were here. These guys are so cute, after a few minutes they got really close to each other then the mom sat down as if they were saying good night....they put their heads down. Sooo sweet!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's Warming up slowly...

The pond is already producing lilies...You can see it very well, but there are many honey bee's swarming the green moss here...interesting.
Below is my shelby getting a long needed drink of water.

QP's Iris's blooming nicely. I didn't think they were going to bloom this year.

How about this beautiful sky.... I saw this after I had finished the work in the yard...what a pleasant surprise.

My passion vine is already producing blooms!!
Below are the Lemon zest petunia's I found. The outside edge really isn't white, its a really light color of yellow...

Monday, April 6, 2009

A present for me???


My dad went to the plant nursery in Mc Kinney and bought me 2 rose of sharon trees. One is read and one is white. These are nice size so maybe I will not need to wait too long for blooms.

But that wasn't the big surprise... I have been wanting these metal chairs for my backyard to sit by my wild flower garden and watch my fish. Once dad sat the plants down he went back to his truck.... I asked mom if they wanted to come in and she said dad was not done yet and told me to go to the truck.... low and behold MY VERY OWN METAL LAWN CHAIRS!!! these are actually pretty old, so they are antique also! I am sooo excited to have these!

So I definitely had to blog today to share the pic's of my two wonderful lawn chairs! He said that they had other colors but these were in the best shape....but that I could make them any color I want. How wonderful is this!

These are going to be a great addition to my back yard! I can already visualize my flowers coming up and listen to the water in the fish pond......come on warm weather!

I have also put a couple of pic's of the pond so that you can see my desperate attempt to keep out the blue herron cranes. My biggest gold fish has quite a bite on his side so I added more line hoping to keep the huge bird out.

I have thinned out the plants and as you can see they are beginning to grow. Please grow plants my fish need a place to hide!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring break!!! At Eisenhower State Park

I see that spring is here.... The redbuds are in full bloom!! Thank goodness otherwise it would have been almost colorless out here. I will tell you by the time we left after a weeks stay alot of leaves had bloomed out and everything was turning green.
Everyone is out getting plenty of sun!!! All of these girls got a sunburn!! It was sooo warm, I think it got to 85 on this day.

This little guy is already too he gets a little water on the head. He is actually telling me NOT to take his picture!!! lol this little guy is sooo cute! its a good thing too cause he could also make you crazy!! He is a very fast almost 3 year old....

My kids came!!! yea! what a great surprise!!! they set up their tent on our site... Stephen showed up later this day and stayed one night...he slept in the trailer...of course. Chris dangerous with an axe!
Inside my least one side.
Murphy the best dog ever!!!

My boys skippin rocks...then of course it has to turn into a

DUCKS!!! Did better fishing that us.
Lidia learns to fish and to cast out the fishing line.... ALL HEADS DOWN!!!

We all went for a walk on a nature trail... we had a guide that showed us the names of different type of trees. Which I think was really cool.... I just wished the leaves were coming out.

It was a nice relaxing time.... sitting by the fire and watching the leaves come out and watching the animals do their thing.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring is just around the corner!!!

A wonderfully warm weekend in north Texas!!! I have been waiting for the warm weather to come back. I went to home depot and found me some grasses to fill in around the pond. Seems like the flowers I get do not last around the water. I saw this suggestion in the Lowes create magazine. I know it was wrong to go to home depot but sometime their prices are cheaper on plants. So this is pony tail grass, the varigated plant is a Marc Anthony Lithrope.

I worked hard clearing out all the flower beds. I had a lot of dead plants, it got cold on me fast so I didn't get the clear the beds and cut down the banana tree's....boy was I sorry! If you don't cut down the banana trees right after the first freeze and wait till now...the smell is awful. They are full of water so that water has become stagnant inside of the plant...yeah lovely!

Then you see that my poppy seeds have come up. These guys I planted last November. There are some more poppy's here by the pansies. I have planted the heart paper with the wild flower seeds. I sprinkled is little bit of garden soil on top. Now it will rain for a couple of days...perfect timing!

The orange flowers and these blue ones, I decided I should not plant yet. Not sure how hardy these would be just in case of one more freeze. I have taken them inside now... its gonna get cold again!
Then I have 2 more projects I have going... my crochet I am doing....I am going to try to continue showing progress, perhaps this will get me to blog more??? I have another baby blanket to make after this one.
Then the necklace I started putting together. I wanted a 3 strand multi colored necklace...mixed with a little sparkle!! of course!!! I think this will turn out nice...I will have to play with the colors more, not sure I like the layout yet. Thats the great thing about making your own!
So now I have blogged!! yeah! I wished I was better at it my co-workers are really good at this!