Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring break!!! At Eisenhower State Park

I see that spring is here.... The redbuds are in full bloom!! Thank goodness otherwise it would have been almost colorless out here. I will tell you by the time we left after a weeks stay alot of leaves had bloomed out and everything was turning green.
Everyone is out getting plenty of sun!!! All of these girls got a sunburn!! It was sooo warm, I think it got to 85 on this day.

This little guy is already too he gets a little water on the head. He is actually telling me NOT to take his picture!!! lol this little guy is sooo cute! its a good thing too cause he could also make you crazy!! He is a very fast almost 3 year old....

My kids came!!! yea! what a great surprise!!! they set up their tent on our site... Stephen showed up later this day and stayed one night...he slept in the trailer...of course. Chris dangerous with an axe!
Inside my least one side.
Murphy the best dog ever!!!

My boys skippin rocks...then of course it has to turn into a

DUCKS!!! Did better fishing that us.
Lidia learns to fish and to cast out the fishing line.... ALL HEADS DOWN!!!

We all went for a walk on a nature trail... we had a guide that showed us the names of different type of trees. Which I think was really cool.... I just wished the leaves were coming out.

It was a nice relaxing time.... sitting by the fire and watching the leaves come out and watching the animals do their thing.


JenningsJunk said...

Looks like a WONDERFUL week of camping and fellowship. LOVE the pic of your guys throwing rocks. What am I thinking? I LOVE all your pictures!!!

misterreereeder said...

Sound like you had a great break. Of course it looks that way too. So ... who is the dog?

Meadowview Thymes said...

What a fun, fun time! I love to go camping--it is so relaxing! Thanks for sharing!


Hey Meadowview Thymes,

Murphy...the dog. Belongs to one of the families that wen camping with us. This dog is sooo mild and laid back. He does bark occasionally, but he obeys really well. IF I were to ever get a dog I would want one just like this one.