Monday, May 25, 2009

Desperate times, desperate measures!!

Well it was a sad weekend at Sunriseinsachse.... The blue herron crane came for another visit!!!

Just when my gold fish were comfortable enough to come up and eat...and I just got a catfish and 2 perch from a friend!!

What do I have after having 4 goldfish, 2 black and white koi, 2 perch, 1 one cat fist???? All I can say for sure right now is that my pond is terribly quiet. I have seen 2 fleeting gold fish. everything they do right now is in fast mode. Can you blame them?? Anyhow, I went to the Home depot and got some bird netting and found these neat plant poles and had an idea. I did not want to have to net the pond, but the fishing line that I had circled around the pond and crisscrossed the pond apparently did not work. I just can't believe that bird got my fish!

So you really can't see it too much. I found these plant supports and got the netting and with those small poles, I was able to net the pond and keep it off the water. the net does go down the edges but not all the way. I think the frogs can still get in. No matter what I have to save the fish I have left.
Right now the fish will not come up, but after a few days with no "special" visitor I am sure they will come back up to see me. The pond is soooo quiet! I will probably need to re-populate soon, its depressing to see the water stay so still. I still have hope that my koi are hiding in there somewhere. :-(


JenningsJunk said...

OH NO! this breaks my heart!! Maybe you'll be as fortunate as Meadowview Thymes and find your darlings well hidden. Very nicely done with the netting.

Meadowview Thymes said...

I am so sorry...I know how you feel. I hope the netting works, and I am bringing you underwater grass!