Thursday, May 21, 2009

Animal talk

Ok today is animal day.... I start first with my lazy little girl.
She loves to sit out and taunt the momma bird that has laid her 2 eggs in the pot on the house...this is the 3rd year she has come and laid her eggs.

So I got a sneak peek at the babies, so here below are the 2 eggs, can't wait to see the hatch and then watch them grow and wonder how on earth those babies stay on the nest.

We went down to the pond today and saw the ducklings with their mom. We just found out the babies were here. These guys are so cute, after a few minutes they got really close to each other then the mom sat down as if they were saying good night....they put their heads down. Sooo sweet!!!!


misterreereeder said...

ALRIGHT!!! Nice to see another post on your blog. It's nice to see the nest (and I know you enjoy the return to the nest another year).

JenningsJunk said...

I love your animal pictures! your lazy girl is a toot ;-) I'm so glad mamma bird came back-that nest is just amazing! How do they do it?!?! The ducks and ducklings are precious too!