Thursday, July 17, 2008

My new friends

My new friends.

I have been trying to draw in different types of birds in my yard. Two years in a row I have had a mother mourning dove hatch 2 babies each year. So I have put bird seed out just to have them come back. Now I am getting the usual house finch. I also have 2 barn swallows coming under the porch cover to get out of the sun. The picture I have is kinda of a blurr. The most interesting is the red headed bird that is coming. It looks kind of like a female cardinal or a red headed finch.
It was really hard to take their picture. It was almost like they knew I was taking their picture and just trying to give me a hard time!. I wished the picture was more clear, this bird is really pretty.

Here is my house finch that keeps returning with the red one and a couple of other friends.

Thats how I spent my time off .... watching birds and fish!!!