Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Free Day!! What to do.. What to do???

I see that the guys that I keep up with have blogged today...So I am feeling a bit behind, well alot behind! We did have a nice little ice storm last many sceptics at work! Boss man turned to me and said...Oh I got a feeling we'll see ya in the morning.... Yeah uh nope we didn't see each other...School is CLOSED!

Well I finally finished the book Liz loaned me...Maureen McCormick's "Here's the story". This was truely eye opening on her life, things you just don't know about people. I was curious about her songs, so I went to U tube and found her singing with Christpher Knight and some of her singing on her own and if you know anything about U tube you can get sucked in!!! I ended up with video's of Donny Osmond and the Osmond brothers. These guys were a big deal when I was a teenager. Boy O boy did that take me back!

Well I didn't get any pcitures today....wished I had my camera when I went out. I saw a cluster of beautiful trees covered in ice. What a sight that was! Since we don't have ice or snow that much (maybe once or twice a year) its a big deal to us.

I feed my birds today, I figured finding food through the frozen grass my be a problem. I also had my doves come by and sun themselves in my flower bed. Shelby ( my cat) really wanted to go outside, not necessarily for the dove...she loves to drink from the fish pond. I have let her out in the past not knowing the doves were in the back yard....and she hit the patio running! My poor momma dove barely made it out of the yard! So now I take a look and make sure no doves are relaxing in the yard. I expect the momma dove will be back again this year to lay her eggs in my wall pot. This will be her 3rd year oif she does. I have learned alot about my little buddies since they have been coming and laying and hatching their babies. They have the same mate for life and they like to return to lay their eggs in the same place. I really enjoy watching the momma dove... so devoted to her eggs, she hardly ever leaves the nest.

Since I don't have any new picture's I will attach a recent one of Alex and I that was recently taken at a wedding. At least I blogged...yea!!