Monday, April 6, 2009

A present for me???


My dad went to the plant nursery in Mc Kinney and bought me 2 rose of sharon trees. One is read and one is white. These are nice size so maybe I will not need to wait too long for blooms.

But that wasn't the big surprise... I have been wanting these metal chairs for my backyard to sit by my wild flower garden and watch my fish. Once dad sat the plants down he went back to his truck.... I asked mom if they wanted to come in and she said dad was not done yet and told me to go to the truck.... low and behold MY VERY OWN METAL LAWN CHAIRS!!! these are actually pretty old, so they are antique also! I am sooo excited to have these!

So I definitely had to blog today to share the pic's of my two wonderful lawn chairs! He said that they had other colors but these were in the best shape....but that I could make them any color I want. How wonderful is this!

These are going to be a great addition to my back yard! I can already visualize my flowers coming up and listen to the water in the fish pond......come on warm weather!

I have also put a couple of pic's of the pond so that you can see my desperate attempt to keep out the blue herron cranes. My biggest gold fish has quite a bite on his side so I added more line hoping to keep the huge bird out.

I have thinned out the plants and as you can see they are beginning to grow. Please grow plants my fish need a place to hide!!!


JenningsJunk said...

The roses and the chairs look great! My mom is a fan of the metal chairs too! it's crazy how hard they are to come by. Wow! I'm glad you posted pics of the pond. I knew you had done a lot of work but my visualization did not do all your work justice. Hope you can keep your babies safe! Any more sightings on your big 'ol bull frog??

misterreereeder said...

Great for you!!! The chairs should be a great addition to your yard.

Meadowview Thymes said...

I LOVE the chairs!!!!! I am so glad you finally got them. They will look great in your yard, plus I think they are really comfortable!
You did a good job with the line across the pond. I hope it keeps the fishes safe and sound! Mean ole heron!!