Friday, June 6, 2008

My very first blog... June 6th 2008

Well I finally did it... created my very first blog. I have enjoyed reading other blogs and wanted to create my own. I took some pictures of the things I love to do.

My pride and joy outside that takes alot of work is my fish pond.... and yes I have had the Blue Herron scare as well. They have come down and eaten my goldfish. Pretty heart breaking, they always take them after you get attached and they get to know you. I am experimenting with the fish line around the pond to keep them away. I have tadpoles and one small snake along with 3 older fish and 4 new ones (I just had a visit from the crane and had to replace them).

It was pretty windy on this day, so lots of water had to be added today. The fish really love it when you add fresh water, they begin swimming quickly through the water like they are at the water park or something, its quite funny.

Sitting outside just watching them can put a nice calm end to a very hectic day at the office.

Here in the picture to the right is one of the many lilly's I will get this year. The lilly pads seem to be alot bigger this year than in the past. We did not have much of a winter this year, perhaps that has something to do with it.

This is a picture of my spreading petunia's in the front yard... aren't they spectacular!! I just love it when flowers come back each year and look this great. Makes it look like you spend alot of time in the yard when you haven't...well exept when they take over the sidewalk and you have to get out there and shave them back. Since the rains we just had they have really grown more!!

So this is my beginning.... I will enjoy adding to my blog more pictures of my other backyard flower beds.


Meadowview Thymes said...

Wonderful blog! Love your pictures. When I went on the pond tour Saturday, all the ponders tell me they have had Blue Heron problems. I didn't talk to anyone that didn't have a fish taken at one time or the other.
Your pond is beautiful. I look forward to more pictures.
And I LOVE your Blog name!

misterreereeder said...

You have joined some good company. Have fun with it - and this way you can let others know you are having fun with it.

JenningsJunk said...

Lovely pics!! I look forward to MORE blogs from you :-)